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  1. 02:23:01

    Wedding Videos

    by Teri Doxsee

    8 Videos

    This album has all the wedding videos I've uploaded.

  2. 45:52

    My Family

    by Teri Doxsee

    3 Videos

    This album contains videos about my family.

  3. 01:50:38

    The Middle Years

    by Teri Doxsee

    9 Videos

    This is a collection of videos from 1990-2010

  4. 55:27


    by Teri Doxsee

    5 Videos

    All Christmas Videos in one place

  5. 01:11:58


    by Teri Doxsee

    14 Videos

    This album has videos of Lila.

  6. 23:34


    by Teri Doxsee

    9 Videos

    This album includes the videos from 1985 when Kristen and Michael were very little. The videos were recorded on a camcorder that used a "portable" VCR and recorded onto VHS tape. The…

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