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Northampton based videographer.

Email: Terrencewilkins@gmail.com

Equipment List:
Sony A7s
Metabones EF - E Mount Adapater
Canon 5d mk3 ( magic lantern raw enabled, with vision tech picture profile)
Canon 24-105mm f4 IS
Canon 70-200mm f4
Canon 50m 1.8mm
Samyang 35mm 1.4
Samyang 85mm 1.4
3 x 64GB 1000x KomputerBay Cards ( for raw shooting)

Tascam dr100 mk 2 (with additional battery pack)
Zoom h1
Rode blimp system
Rode ntg3
Rode lavalier ( for use with zoom h1)
Rode video mic
Rode boom pole 6ft
Seinheisser 380 hd pro headphones
Wind shields and gags for both microphones
Boom Buddy ( So i can use a boom, with out the need for an additional crew member)

Manfrotto 525 MVB tripod
Manfrotto 501 HDVhead
Shoulder mount
Wieldy Steadicam System ( Including Vest, Dual Arm and Stabilizer)

Lighting/ Grip
43inch reflector
2 x Kino Flo Diva 201 5600k ( with additional lee diffusion)
1 x 528 LED 5600k panel ( with airbox 1x1 softbox and batterys)
3 x 7ft light stands
1 x Boom light stand
All counterweights and sandbags required

Editing Rigs/Software:

Main rig:
i7 3770k
16GB DDR3 Ram
Nvidia 580 GTX 3GB DDR5
SSD Booted

i7 3610QM
Nvidia 650GT 2GB DD5
SSD Booted

Adobe CC Master Suite
Izotope RX3 ( for advanced sound editing/repair)
Davinci Resolve 11 (for advanced colour grading)
The complete Osiris LUT collection
Film Convert
Impulz Ultimate LUT collection


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