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Tess Martin is an independent animator who works with back-lit paper cut-outs, ink, paint, sand or objects. She is the recipient of three 4Culture grants, two City of Seattle grants, and numerous others in support of her films, including The Whale Story, animated on a 16 foot high wall in a public park. Her most recent films are The Lost Mariner, an animated interpretation of an Oliver Sacks case study, and Mario, a paint on glass film based on an Italian folk song. Her films have displayed at galleries as well as festivals worldwide. She is a member of SEAT, Seattle Experimental Animation Team, a collective of independent animators, and has curated two programs of SEAT films: Inter-Action, which screened in Seattle, Portland, New York City and toured Europe in October 2011, and Strange Creatures, which is currently touring. Tess is currently based in The Netherlands.

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