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Born in Rome Italy, I grew up in a forgotten neighborhood far from the fancy site of "Roman Holiday". I have been snapping pictures since I was a kid. The search for new images and stories lead me to NYC, passing through the five continents, picking up few languages in the meantime and changing me from Kid with a camera to Camera Man. My cients Include:
Animal Planet, BET, Canale5, Chantecaille, Clarins, Dell, Dior, EbruTV, Fresh, Givenchy, Hublot, Italian Trade Commission, Kenzo, La7, La Repubblica, Longines, Luxottica, McIntosh Audio, Microsoft, NASA, NZTV, Omega, Palm Bay Imports, RTI, RAI, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, SKY News, Swatch group, Thomson Reuters, TRT, TF1, Xbox, Virgin.


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