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Macomb, MI

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I'm Anthony Francisco, 26 years of age, born and raise of macomb, Mi
i'm love the simple things like life, hanging with friends and family and alot of laughter all of my work came from my best programs-After Effects and Auto desk Maya
whenever i'm not making comedy i'm making animate awesome!!
I hope that I can apply my comedic talents towards animation and story writing in the industry
any questions please message me and thank you!


  1. Michael A. Campbell
  2. Blue View Cinema
  3. MovieBrats Films & Animation
  4. Wally Powers
  5. Patrick Boivin
  6. Shaun Sarcona
  7. Scott Pilgrim The Movie
  8. Shawn Sheehan
  9. Ryan Maffesoli

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  1. I thought it turned out pretty good, was it like a flow tool you used on the material?