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Hi I'm David, a composer, musician and producer from Barcelona (Spain). After a few years playing music “on the road” as a guitarist, bassist or sound designer, I am now composing and producing music for media: web, videogames, jingles, corporate, titles, shortfilms,...

Feel free to contact me if you need some music for your video project

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  1. Hey Ian, Feel free to check out these tracks from my portfolio at soundcloud: Thanks!
  2. Hi, Feel free to check out my sets at my soundcloud account: and drop me a message if you find something there that fits your project. Thanks! David
  3. Hi Tony, Feel free to check out some examples of my music at my soundlcoud account: and if you find something interesting, don't hesitate to message me, Thanks!
  4. Hola! I'm a composer and producer from Barcelona. You can check out my music at: You will find examples of collaborations in the "soundtracks" set, at the bottom of the page. I've released a few compositions for shortfilms…
  5. Hi Stefania, please check:
  6. That's a great idea! Don't hesitate to contact me if you still need music composers. Some of my works: David