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New York French Futurist performance artist Francis Eugine Carroll (Edgar Oliver) faces pressure from Donald C. Marinetti, his theatre manager and only financial supporter (George Demas) to increase ticket sales at a Lower East Side venue. Francis takes inspiration from Donald and purchases a black-market handgun from an off-duty firearm safety instructor (Jason Bauer). Still not attracting audiences, Francis commits a series of armed robberies targeting rent-controlled eccentrics still living in the Village. His first victim, beauty Diane Lakes (Jill Helene), befriends him after the robbery cures her agoraphobia. NYPD Investigating Detective Atkins (Michael Laurence) understands he is on to something big, but can't find reason or motive for this 'purification of the odd.' With the cast set for his swansong performance, Francis needs only to lose everything to stage his Futurist masterpiece.

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