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Lily Coates and Gavin Youngs founded The Apiary in 2009. The Apiary specialise in films made about and in collaboration with artists and designers across all disciplines.

Commissions include works for The Australian Ballet, National Gallery of Victoria, STUDIO, Light Years, Arts Victoria, The Avant/Garde Diaries, Rogerseller, Glass Animals and Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance.

The Apiary is currently located in Berlin and is represented by Pulse Films.

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  1. MADE
  2. MONA
  3. Wayne McGregor | Random Dance
  4. AVBadham
  5. Dazed
  6. Tania Lambert
  7. Matt Wood DP
  8. The Avant/Garde Diaries
  9. Chris Pahlow
  10. Digital Art and Performance
  11. Marden Dean
  12. Zoë White
  13. Avant-Garde Cinema
  14. Ballad Pictures

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