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"Young, uninhibited, respectfully insolent and essentially innovative", as described by Greek daily "Kathimerini", the music theatre company "The Beggars' Operas" based in Athens, Greece is dedicated to the creation of "non-dogmatic opera", characterised by equivalence between musical and theatrical expressive means, rational production processes, democratic targeting, and ideological and aesthetic flexibility.

Our belief is that music theatre, rather than a genre made by, and for, "experts" and "connoisseurs" is an art accessible to all kinds of spectators, provided that it is approached in the right spirit: namely, as theatre, and not as "spectacle".

Our music theatre productions have appeared in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Berlin, and range from contemporary versions of classic repertory pieces to experimental music theatre to Greek operetta and musical.

"Kudos to The Beggars' Operas and I hope they go on with the same passion" Stefanos Lazaridis

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