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  1. Magic Lantern User Group

    by a1ex joined

    5,776 Videos / 8,178 Members

    Magic Lantern is an open platform for developing enhancements to the amazing Canon digital SLRs. These cameras are "game changing" for independent film makers. www.magiclantern.fm

  2. UK Music Videos

    by Craig Goode joined

    59 Videos / 33 Members

    Music videos directed for UK bands. Can be any genre, any budget, any style.

  3. DSLR music videos

    by Si14 joined

    5,055 Videos / 1,923 Members

    For all your music videos, shot with DSLR cameras

  4. HD

    by Blake Whitman joined

    69.3K Videos / 12.4K Members

    The Vimeo High Definition Group.

  5. Canon 5D MKII

    by Bernard Maltais joined

    42.7K Videos / 11.5K Members

    Aug 26 2010 update: Interested in the Canon EOS 60D? Join the group: vimeo.com/groups/eos60d ---- This group is dedicated to those awesome video that will be produced by the Canon 5D MKII…

  6. Music Videographers

    by Ryan Mackfall joined

    79.1K Videos / 24.8K Members

    OUR WEEKLY #MVPICK IS ONLY ON FACEBOOK, SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS TO BE FEATURED! fb.com/musicvideographers Don't forget twitter too! twitter.com/mvideographers So this is THE place on vimeo for…

  7. Folk Festivals

    by Steve Swayne joined

    134 Videos / 65 Members

    Videos involving folk festivals and music festivals world wide. On the festival streets, performances, concerts... This group is open to everyone who has an interest in folk festivals or music festivals…

  8. Acoustic, Folk Music

    by Rosewood's Diary joined

    1,187 Videos / 362 Members

    Share your folk sounds for all the world to see!

  9. Film Look Music Videos

    by WoRm AV joined

    964 Videos / 314 Members

    For all music videos that have a cinematic look.

  10. DSLR film group

    by oun sirichote joined

    1,847 Videos / 544 Members

    inspiration unlimited. created you view beyond the still. join and share your idea,how-to,tips,technique,story,content....

  11. Live Performances

    by From Stage joined

    5,174 Videos / 791 Members

    Short fragments of concerts, artists performing in unusual places. Good audio is a must, informative description would be nice.

  12. Indie Music Video Directors

    by jG Films joined

    10.8K Videos / 3,430 Members

    This is for all Indie Music Video Directors that make videos look dope with shoestring budgets. No storyboards, no treatment, just shoot and go. Its all about the feel of the song and just going…

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