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Brandon Harrington is a true artist, innovator, and child of the stage. Having two drama teachers as parents helped solidify his bond with performance art and education. Since the third grade he’s acted in over 40 shows, has directed 12 others, has earned a B.A. in Theatre Arts/ English teaching credential, and has taught high school Drama and English for the past 7 years. Awarded the “Excellence in Teaching the Dramatic Arts”, Brandon has led an inspired arts program to 5 consecutive years of being one of the top 50 high school drama programs in the U.S. His dedication to theatre and teaching doesn’t hinder his greatest role of being a family man. He married his high school sweetheart and is cherishing being a father to his 2 beautiful children. Teaching, acting, directing, choreographing, scenic art, writing shows, filming, and fatherhood allows Brandon to express himself on the stage, in the classroom, and in his household.

Brandon’s versatility is on full display in this one-man TV show. Not only did he conceive of the idea and star in it, but he also constructed the sets, costumes, props, and makeup. “The Boo Show” is personal to Brandon, mirroring many aspects of his childhood. The themes centered around youth, friendship, character growth, morality, and healthy life habits appeals to a wide audience. There is already community buzz and support because of the show’s originality, creativity, active expression, great lessons, and high energy nature. In addition, “The Boo Show” brings a fresh concept and live personalities to the forefront, in a children’s TV realm already dominated by animation. Boo’s tagline “There’s so much you can do with Boo” is an understatement to the show’s potential.

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