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We are a club of female burger lovers ranging from 17yrs -60yrs.
We are not babes. We are not Barbies. We are Broads.
Broads who love Burgers and tell it like it is in video reviews.

We eat any kinda burgers.
We are Meatatarians,Vegetarians and Vegans..
We are Broads who love Burgers and everything about Burgers.
we Find.we Eat.we Share.
We relish getting messy
...and sometimes cheesy;)
We love to be filmed and have our pictures taken while we savour/review a burger.
And we don't review big burger chains!

LIKE us :facebook.com/burgerbroads < that's where most of the fun is such as contests,confessions and interesting facts about burger culture.You can also meet the eclectic bunch of Burger Broads
FOLLOW us:twitter.com/burgerbroads

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  1. LOVE! clever.wish you much success with this.
  2. Thank-you Carlos.I am sniffling with joy.One of the best 12 minutes I ever spent:)