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They’re six lovable superheroes with a single goal: to help kids acquire sound money management skills. Their Mission: To provide kids ages 8-11 with the knowledge, skills and habits to begin their lifetime of financial security.


The multi-media Centsables initiative takes a ground-breaking approach to financial literacy, “edu-tainment.” It reaches – and teaches -- children in all the ways they enjoy most – online, in newspapers, comic book series and activity books, with a board game, action figures, special Banking for Kids programs at financial institutions across the nation, and soon, on tv, with an animated adventure series. The Centsables interactive website helps kids gain real-life, practical skills, as they explore lessons on basic banking, earning interest, investing, knowing wants vs. needs, avoiding debt, ATMs, debit and credit, and more. Plus puzzles, games, brainteasers, and crosswords make the learning fun. In these challenging economic times, we can all use a superhero to save the day. Count on the Centsables to help your kids enjoy a brighter tomorrow.

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