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The Chalk is a Visual Effects Boutique specializing in compositing, digital matte painting, and match-moving. From green screen shots to CGI integration to photoshop retouching, The Chalk utilizes the latest techniques and tools to help tell your stories.

Modern Audience expect to see quality VFX and SFX in feature films, commercials, music videos, shot films. . . essentially everything. The Chalk proudly works with Indie producers and film students across the globe to bring high-end visual effect compositing into their reach. Principle artist, Thomas Tamura, is 1 of 55 artists Certified by The Foundry & FXphd to teach Nuke.

Located in the greater Denver area of Colorado, we collaborate with you from pre-production to post. With Nuke & Hiero as the backbone of the compositing pipeline The Chalk can handle everything from DSLR to Red 5K footage in a color managed workflow. Unlike AE and layer based applications Nuke's node based compositing allows for easy management for hundreds of layers in a single composite. Other services include match-moving, fluid dynamics, particle simulations, and 3D generalist service.

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