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Forest Hills Gardens, Queens, NY

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The Church-in-the-Gardens is an exciting, stimulating, and challenging place to grow your faith. We invite “seekers” new to exploring faithful living, dedicated followers of Christ, people filled with a new enthusiasm and a desire to serve and grow, people who’ve “fallen away” from “organized religion” but are giving it a second look, and everyone else in-between, to join us! We need, and welcome, everyone’s gift. There is a place for you in our fellowship. A spirit of inclusion, and sharing, abound in our congregation. We have a 9:00 am Sunday contemporary worship service popular with young families and an 11:00 traditional worship service. Both feature the same sermon. Children are welcome at either. Free temporary parking passes available from any usher.

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  1. It was fun playing the sax along with such talented musicians. The arrangement with tuba playing the bass part was very interesting. The trumpeter was amazing!
  2. If you liked Easter, just wait and see what we have in store for our first ever Jazz Vespers service! Save the date: May 11th at 5 pm! -Sunny Knable, Music Director
  3. The CITG Band and Choir are a JOY to work with! They performed magnificently and helped to make Easter 2013 the most memorable yet. Happy Easter everyone!