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theCommonist is a creative space, a film and animation studio based in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. We are a collaborative of directors, CG supervisors and motion artists. We work from idea development, shooting, animations, editing, visual effects, digital-compositing to finishing for all forms of medias, including commercials, music videos, corporate video, web content, animated series and feature films.

The ‘Commonist’ is a portmanteau word, a manifesto we set ourselves forward to achieve as media practitioners. ‘Common’ is our ideology, our starting point and approach to things and matters around us; yet the affix ‘Ist’ is to reflect our attitude towards professionalism.

We are not afraid to be common. In fact, we strive to be common. We see excitement in everyday life, beauty in ordinariness; where the banal can be imaginative, monotonous becomes significant. With this single belief that we seeded in ourselves everyday, which inspire us to constantly produce relatable, cohesive and ultimately exciting works.

Contact us if you interested to know more.

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