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Íce Mrozek was born May 6th in Chicago, IL, and is an award winning actor, writer and director. The Founder of the production company “Life Traveler Films” and creator of The Benevolence Society, a non-profit organization geared towards inspiring creativity and enriching the lives of individuals with a mental disability through the art of acting. He has been working professionally on stage for over 18 years creating dynamic roles from Shakespeare to Neil Simon. Íce has acted in numerous films, TV shows and commercials throughout his career and studied with legendary acting teacher Uta Hagen. For years he has immersed himself in the industry, co-founding IL Teatro and The American Theatre Company, as well as working as a talent manager with the Bohemia group and casting associate on several films. He recently created an extraordinary outlet for dedicated actors to hone their craft from his Acting studio, appropriately named “The Company of Actors.” He is currently working on three films and a web-series in which he will write, direct and star in.


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