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The Convergence has developed from the Converge Events that ran in 2010. It will now carry The Convergence Festival and workshops throughout the year, providing a hub for all converging film making and film makers.

The economic challenges faced by modern cinema has found some salvation in a new technology that defies budget and delivers an artistic freedom that has long been lost to the accounts department.

The emergence of new Hybrid Digital SLR cameras such as the Canon EOS 5DMK2 and Canon EOS 7D has brought together the two disciplines of photography and movies in an a way that is challenging every aspect of visual language.

The ability to shoot HD with DSLR cameras using an array of prime and zoom lenses has changed the way that film-makers are thinking about their work. After years of being told big is best, we now can see small is indeed more beautiful and better as DSLR’s propel today’s storytellers to think out of the box and find an instant route to their vision.

Those who make this work will show how they were empowered and inspired to make the best use of these new exciting digital tools. Photographers and Filmmakers will present case studies of their most recent work and break down the idea, the process, and the various tools used to embrace the convergence of these once thought different disciplines

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