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The Cristea’s is a young band made up of one brother and two sisters. At a very young age, Samuel Cristea showed great promise in a multitude of talents, including acting, dancing and singing. He was soon signed by a major talent agency and has acted in various projects; such as commercials and film. At the young age of 13, Samuel has developed a professional work ethic and is currently focusing on making music and becoming a great singer and performer with The Cristea’s.
Samuel is joined by his younger sister, Melody Cristea; her name fits her right, at the tender age of 10, she’s already a vocal prodigy. Melody’s powerful vocals and melodies can be heard on It’s Chrismas, The Cristeas trio is rounded out by Abby Cristea; Abby has discovered her true love lies in dancing and choreographing. Abby spends countless hours putting together all the dance moves for The Cristea’s and is responsible and credited with choreographing the band’s live performances,which is a remarkable accomplishment considering she’s only 12 years old. Abby has also recently discovered an innate talent for playing the accordion and is featured on The Cristea’s next hit single, No Place Like Home.
The Cristea’s has been signed by C-Flo Records, an independent record label that discovers and develops the best young talent. The Cristea’s is committed to making music and spent most of their free time in the studio honing their craft. The Cristea’s not only wants to perform pop hits like BFF but admiring artists like Michael Jackson, they also want to make music that spreads a positive message. The Cristea’s dreams of changing the world one song at a time.

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