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  1. 11:48

    Onward California

    by The D4D

    10 Videos

  2. 20:03

    AEG Perfunkt

    by The D4D

    10 Videos

    The pursuit of the perfekt cooking technique. Agency: Huge, Inc.

  3. 03:00

    Sephora Sensorium

    by The D4D

    9 Videos

    Imagine a dynamic place where smell, taste, touch, sight and sound become one complete gesture — a 4D sensorial environment dedicated to the magic of scent. Experience Design & Interactive…

  4. 00:00

    Dpt4D Original Content

    by The D4D

    4 Videos

    Dpt4D (F.P.S.) is original content for film, television, online and other forms of very old or new media.

  5. 04:57

    Fashion Care with Christian Quaglia

    by The D4D

    3 Videos

    Agency: Great Works / Client: Electrolux

  6. 00:00

    AEG Neue Kollektion

    by The D4D

    1 Video

    Backwards dream sequences

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