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In 2007 and June of 2008: I created the pen-name: TheFanNJ, and was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Literature (twice) -- I became the king of social networking sites, as a top content provider, and video blogger. I am a freelancer writter and documentary film-maker for New Jersey and CNN.

I am a community activist that has a strong standing for ESPN, and host an Award called: The Impact Player Award. And without iTunes and ESPN's endorsements-- TheFanNJ wouldn't be a national figure. At the start of my journey in education in 2000, I never new that the end of 2011 -- Omar Dyer a.k.a. TheFanNJ would have a Doctors in Philosphy: PHD. I have degrees with an A.A. in Children's Literature (Movie making) an A.A. in Child's study (workings of the brain cognitive psychology) a B.A. in communication, and a Masters in Legal Studies-- which gives me a PHD in Literary or Liberal Arts.

I am breaking and blowing past the achievement gaps, showing that African America students with the right mentor, can achieve the same goals, as others. And poverty is no-longer an excuse for not achieving an education if you're a male, and black.

So to my viewers, I am TheFanNJ, and this is my page. My next product is to win a Nobel Prize -- join my mission and my journey. I am also a former candidate for Governor in the State of New Jersey, and plan on making another run at the State house in the state of New Jersey in 2013. You are all welcomed to view and share my trilogy. And to those in Hoboken, for years -- the city of Hoboken NJ has been looking for the Next Frank Sinatra. (TheFanNJ is the next Frank Sinatra)

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