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When he's not out fighting crime or playing doctor in the ER, Matt Chadbourne is being creative. His passions and hobbies include: design, music (writing and listening), movies, acting, writing, eating, and being a compassionate soul who refers to himself in the third person.

At a very young age, Matt found himself confused about what he wanted to be in life. From a clown to a cat doctor (not a vet), Matt was indecisive. It wasn't until he was about 15 that he knew that he had a forte for "The Digital." While in high school, Matt won several awards in web design and development; he had finally found his place and furthered his education throughout college.

You might be wondering about the nickname "Fatty Matty"; well the moniker was given to Matt in High School and Jr. College while he was at a point of his life where you would call him fat and jolly. Now a few years later and 65lbs less, the name still sticks, as well as the jolly.

Matt enjoys: bright colors; imperfect shapes; sans serif fonts like Century Gothic and Futura; the option to type a code once and paste it in another project later; things considered fun; and you!

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