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  1. compositing, animation, VFX Group

    by alex kuznetsov joined

    10.8K Videos / 3,060 Members

  2. VFX Reels, Portfolios and Artwork

    by vfxrider joined

    7,318 Videos / 3,346 Members

  3. Must See Demoreels

    by versa joined

    657 Videos / 3,137 Members

    SELECTED Demo\Showreels that you must see! This group is FOR REELS ONLY. PreModeration by versa. UPD: temporary new videos will be adding by moderator only. Best!

  4. CG 3D

    by Damian Sitarek joined

    1,074 Videos / 470 Members

    Video, reel, tutorial, vfx.

  5. Matte Painting

    by Gordon Tarpley joined

    464 Videos / 887 Members

    A place for anything related to matte painting and/or set extension. Tutorials and Demo reels are more than welcome.

  6. NUKE

    by DaffRider joined

    189 Videos / 226 Members

    CGItrainer NUKE Viméo WIP des tutoriels vidéo sur NUKE x

  7. 3D Motion Graphics + 3D Compositing

    by mettle joined

    3,109 Videos / 1,728 Members

    We welcome all clips that use 3D techniques in Motion Graphics or 3D composiiting. Please identify the software you used and try to contribute via tips and tricks.

  8. Motion Graphics Group

    by Varela joined

    43.5K Videos / 11.6K Members

    Discussions, samples, tips, links, news, & pics of motiongraphics Enjoy

  9. High-End Visual Effects

    by Lev Kolobov joined

    5,469 Videos / 3,084 Members

    This group is dedicated to visual effects. Please post here, if you are professional who wold like to share your opinion about vfx. Anything that related to film vfx, animation or commercial vfx.

  10. Photorealistic CG Animations & VFX

    by Zblur joined

    3,579 Videos / 2,419 Members

    Share your maximum photorealistic CG stuff here, or just join & watch! You can post finished works, making-ofs, showreels, tests etc. Do not add videos that have no common with photorealism!…

  11. The Foundry Nuke

    by marc dominic rienzo joined

    878 Videos / 1,169 Members

    A group showcasing vfx work created using Nuke

  12. Visual Effects

    by Jake joined

    899 Videos / 514 Members

    A place to add all of your FX/visual effect films. Mainly for final renders, but works-in-progress or tutorials are also welcome. HD versions are preferred.

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