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Documentary Filmmaker + Director of Photography for the Rock Church

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  1. Niklas Johansson, FSF
  2. Plot Point Productions
  3. Chris McKechnie
  4. Helio Collective
  5. Christopher Hewitt
  6. Allen Baker
  7. Chad Suter
  8. Scott Jones
  9. Ezra Cohen
  10. Sypher
  11. Jeffrey Griffith
  12. Honest Films
  13. TJ Hill
  14. VSCO
  15. Solomon Ross
  16. SerialBox Presents
  17. Steve Cachero
  18. Chayse Irvin, csc

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  1. Just went out and bought a Zoom H4N, stoked!
  2. I fourth San Diego (and also I move for a special discount for people like myself and Erick Naso who have attended every MZed seminar this year!)