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The Great Progression (or "The Gee Pee" for short) is a multifaceted movement of sorts that I started. I wanted to take what I was doing with DC to BC and enhance it by including more people and more perspectives, but still stay true to the same style of blogging/writing/malarkey that had people coming back for whatever reason. I also wanted to create a brand that is as visible in the streets (events, functions and gatherings) as it is online. It’s purely for entertainment’s sake, but we’re serious about keeping you engaged and reading regularly.

The Gee Pee is a creative collective comprised of people with various interests and from all walks of life. It's a place to articulate and provoke thoughts, indulge in tomfoolery, expand your musical palette, and fully embrace the elements of various subcultures. It’s more than just a website – it’s something tangible. We’re real people living real lives, passionate about our interests and motivated by everything around us.

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  1. haha. glad to be a part of this thing! that's crazy that johnny cupcakes has watched this joint, as well as several other influential people. trent and walker are literally incredible people. came from las vegas to DC and were ridiculously professional…