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THE iNDiE MACHiNE is a multimedia music series featuring indie rock, pop, folk, electronic and everything in between.

Head over to and learn about the latest news from the Toronto, Canadian, and global independent music scene, listen to some of our past radio shows, check out a few mixtapes, reviews, and photo galleries, or (since you're already here) check out some of the artists who've come on the show for our SESSIONS series, some of our venue outings in our live series: WIRED, or some of our impromptu interviews in INPUT/OUTPUT.

If you're an artist interested in working with us (or letting us know about what you're working on), or just want to tell us about something really cool - drop us a line at

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  1. Kevin Hall
  2. Southern Souls
  3. Craig Shimala
  4. R. Stephenson Price