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The “IT” Factor Productions hosted and produced by Alycia Kaback gives young women and men the ‘industry friend’ they want to hang out with, and the role model they need. With hot, young, celebrity guests, topical issues, beauty and fashion, current “IT” topics and advice along with open discussion on socially important matters, the show speaks to a new generation of individuals in a relevant voice.

The “IT” Factor with Alycia Kaback, originally on CBS Digital radio, is moving to the terrestrial airwaves WNJC 1360 every Wednesday at 7PM in Philadelphia starting on December 21, 2011 at 7PM.

Alycia Kaback is excited to make Philadelphia the new home for The IT Factor as this city has a particular penchant for the performing arts, a strong history of music, and was integral to development of the film industry as we know it today. Philadelphia gave birth to the projector, celluloid film and the movie studio. Its row-houses are central characters in Rocky, Witness and The Sixth Sense. The region is home to legends as diverse as W.C. Fields, Bill Cosby and Bruce Willis and produced icons such as Princess Grace Kelly and Fresh Prince Will Smith. Philadelphia continues to make rich contributions to these fields today.

Get the lowdown on the current hot topics from Alycia Kaback and her special guests each Wednesday on WNJC 1360 AM at 7 PM. Tune in and check it out!

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