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Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Dru is an obvious reflection of where he grew up, Born Andrew Tindley on November 12, 1991. Growing up in the heart of Brooklyn, he was always into Comics, Video games, Fashion, and definitely music. In Junior High School is when he decided that he would pursue his love for music being the tactful, self-reliant, loyal, outgoing, versatile young man that he is. Although Dru would be nothing if not for the people around him, family members, experiences and expectations from those people which he has lived up to and continues to do so. Dru’s dreams have been the driving force of his whole life. While he would watch friends of his waste time or delay things, he would make a conscious decision to stay in tune with the music he loved and perfect his craft which is writing. He’s a open book to his Friends and a alternative for those who want to escape into the world of creativity and passion driven work.

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