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At the age of 11 months I was told I tried to get into the back of the family TV set with a screwdriver to see how it all worked , I've been pretty much on the same mission ever since. I love to shoot People and Nature , where Surfing brings the two factors together
I find this a great matter for subject and technical challenge.
With Narrative I first and foremost try to connect solidly with the stories feeling then just let the visual ideas flow from there.
I'm always searching as a cinematographer for the holy grail of shots the perfect translation of idea to screen , the exact result for the audiences experience from my craft/art/medium.
This World is a truly amazing place and one thing I try to keep in mind is sometimes the camera has to stay in the bag and life has to be experienced first hand without glass in the way.

I've now formed a collective of creatives to produce Music Videos ,Narratives , Documentary's. People with heart, that can produce work with passion , integrity and rewards for the observant. Get in touch if you would like to put us to work for you.

I shoot 8mm 16mm film, standard and high definition video.

Production Companies:-

Lorien Surf Film Productions

The Lorien Creative


Commercial Films:- Land of Saints - A Cornish Surf Film

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