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I am a passionate and driven storyteller, creative explorer, and entrepreneur... I thrive on big ideas and new challenges. I believe strongly in the potential of imagination and its ability to move people.

Over my career, I've garnered a bit of a reputation for being a jack-of-all-trades and producing proof-of-concept pieces. They have permitted me the freedom to explore, experiment, and push my own creative limits, while also opening my eyes to what connects with audiences. My focus is namely in directorial work, but my overall multi-disciplinary approach has given me a strong holistic perspective on what I develop. I have a passion for every step of the process and a fascination for how seemingly disparate elements can come together to make magic. The satisfaction that comes from conceptualizing an idea from scratch and seeing it through to the very end gives me a rush every time.

I've run the gamut of creative and artistic fields professionally - from photography to music composition to design to writing - but my heart and primary focus are in film. It is the one medium where all other skillsets I enjoy can come together and contribute to the essence of one vision. When I put my eye behind the camera, I'm at home.

I love what I do and I love getting lost on the creative journey every project takes me on.

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