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It is the unique combination of certain elements that make Them Lost Boys and their music something truly extraordinary. Ån†-li√E (Anthony Palazzole), Mark Schrenko and Spektrum (Ian Sansavera) are the very heart and soul of this unorthodox blend of electro, house, pop, dubstep and dance music. Them Lost Boys achieve their electrifying, fist pumping and heart pounding compositions by combining the unique talents and styles of its members.

Ån†-li√E has been influenced by years of formal music education as well as working with some of the top producers and most talented artists in music today. With his atypical arsenal, Ån†-li√E has created a new style of producing and mixing, unleashing an imaginative blend of heavy beats, crazy synths and soul stirring samples.

Over the last 15 years, Mark has turned a passion for drumming into a truly masterful skill. Influenced by all musical genres, Mark’s technical drumming, percussive influences, aggressive “in the pocket” technique and body-rocking rhythms take Them Lost Boys to a whole new level.

Finally, Spektrum and his unique programming and sampling add a progressive element and different sound. After touring with bands and DJing independently, Spektrum fits perfectly into the electro-trio. His creativity and style twists the production dimension and enhances the way Them Lost Boys’ music evolves.

Them Lost Boys know that they wouldn’t be where they are today without their friends, family and most importantly, their fans. Make sure you join the growing fan base to keep up with Them Lost Boys. Exclusive fans have access to unique content not available anywhere else!

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