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Brian Eno once said "It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene." Toronto transplants The Movement Fam never had to hear the message; they live it every day. The Melbourne natives sold practically everything they owned last year and moved themselves to Toronto in search of the dream of sharing their "Soul Hop" music with the world. The Movement Fam is a conglomerate of two acts: MCs Cee and Notion. Cee and Notion are brothers on stage and in real life, and as The Movement Fam, they draw from the collective material from both acts; taking turns at the foot of the stage and backing each other up along the way. Just like family.

Cee displays the lyrical finesse of a young Kanye West and the whip-smart style of Common. Notion's rhyming style is darker and more complex, seemingly wringing rhythm from the tales he tells in song in the style of J. Cole and Talib Kweli. On stage the duo are a teeming mass of energy, feeding off one another in a synthesis of style and sound. It's the divergent blend of soul and hip-hop that causes club goers to stop and pay attention. And these guys aren’t just about words. Cee brings his musicianship to the fold in the form of (occasional) acoustic guitar skills, while Notion’s production chops on Logic and the Akai MPK have been expanding exponentially, eventuating into one of the most distinctive sounds in modern music.

The Movement Fam moved half a world away from home to find a market for their fresh sound. The hip-hop movement in Australia is starkly homogeneous; anyone who deviates from the prescribed sound of the lone youth radio network doesn't get heard, but north of the equator The Movement Fam have found a world of opportunity. Aside from finding a label, Cee and Notion have already worked with a plethora of artists since crossing the Pacific. Collaborators include Emilio Rojas, Illmind, Skyzoo, Copywrite and Hezekiah (among others). The Movement Fam has momentum; the sort that is made from hard work, talent and not a little luck.

The Movement Fam does not engage in diffuse theatrics in their writing. The music allows practically unfettered access into the lives of Cee and Notion with no filters. They rap what they live, and they live what they rap. It is this essential element of humanity that attracted each of them to music in the first place, and continues to drive the vibrant style and sound of the The Movement Fam. It’s difficult to think of a more dedicated crew on the Indie scene. Not many artists have the courage to sell up their lives and move half a world away from family, friends and places they have known. It is this blend of courage, honesty and pure talent that destines The Movement Fam for greatness.

All you have to do is listen to the music. Cee's The Indie Experiment mixtape series shows off his distinctive and unique blend of Hip Hop, Soul, Rock, Acoustic, Folk, Alternative, Dubstep and even Metal, displaying a vibrant energy and creative tension that jumps out of the speakers and grabs you by the ears. Notion’s On The Corner Of Notion & 9th (a tribute to 9th Wonder), shows his stylistic flexibility as an artist over slick 9th Wonder beats, while his future projects will showcase his production abilities. It is hard not to get drawn in by the energy. Fans of hip-hop and soul will be enthralled with the beats, rhymes and sounds of The Movement Fam. It’s safe to say that even those who don’t normally tune in to hip-hop are going to find a lot to like with this crew.

The future looks bright. Individually and collectively, The Movement Fam has a lot going on. Cee and Notion are both working on their debut albums, which they will release (free via their Bandcamp pages) in 2013. Along with a multitude of music videos and even a collaborative EP with Cee and Montreal-based producer Dr. MaD of Alaiz, these guys have an insatiable work ethic. This isn’t the sort of crew you hear once and forget; The Movement Fam is the sort of artists you expect to see on the GRAMMYs one day. Cee and Notion believe it’s possible. You will too once you open your ears to The Movement Fam.

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