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Lance Keimig is a Pembroke, Massachusetts based photographer who is best known for night photography of the built environment. His book, Night Photography- Finding Your Way In The Dark was published by Focal Press in August of 2010. Keimig is the curator of Darkness, Darkness, a traveling exhibit of Night Photography and of the Three Columns Gallery at Harvard University.

His photographs are held in numerous collections including The Art Complex Museum In Duxbury, MA, The Boston Athenaeum, The Boston Public Library, The Grace Museum in Abilene, TX, State Street Bank, Fidelity Investments, Paramount Partners, Hitachi, Rayovac, 3 Com.

He has taught at the New England School of Photography in Boston since 2000, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, The Photographic Resource Center at Boston University, The Houston Center for Photography, and leads independent workshops across the country. Keimig founded the Mono Lake Photo Workshops in 2003, and is also a cofounder of The Nocturnes Night Photography Workshops in San Francisco. Since 2001, Keimig has led annual photo tours to Ireland and Scotland. His workshops and tours can be found at and his portfolio can be seen at

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