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Cape Town, South Africa

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In November 2012, The Ninevites Gang packed bags and missioned to Semonkong, Lesotho - a place of roots and inspiration for designer Nkuli Mlangeni. Thus was born "The Same Old Shirt Collection" - clothes inspired by Basotho culture and street style.

The Gang.
Nkuli Mlangeni
Uma Ramiah
Leila Khalifa

The Design.
Andre ‘ZoOm’ Anderson

The Image Makers.
Kent Andreasen
Jonathan Mellish
Uma Ramiah

The Make Up.
Roxanne Wentworth

The Inspiration.
The Ninevites Gang formed in the late 19th century when a group of South Africans longed to break away from injustice and establish a new era and way of living. They were led by a young Zulu man from Natal called Mzuzephi Mathebula, alias ‘Nongoloza.’ At a young age, Nongoloza was falsely accused of a crime and faced years of indentured servitude. With nowhere to turn, he joined up with other like-minded, young South Africans and The Ninevites were born.

They took their name from the biblical Ninevites. In both contexts, the groups are portrayed as anti-establishment, revolutionary and misunderstood.

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