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We're an award winning film and photography company and have been profiled on IFC, PBS, Huffington Post, Filmwax, NoBudge, Twitchfilm, Chronic'Art, L'Humanite, Toute le Culture, Metroland, Chicago Reader, EntreVues Belfort, Jacob's Pillow, Cannes Short Film Corner, distribution from Fandor, Tribeca Reframe, Indieflix, Amazon Instant, and showed at dozens of film festivals...

A finalist in Creative Capitals 2014 Fund, we make docs, fiction, experimental, cut trailers, curate short films, make photography and work with companies to create content that highlights people's heart and vision to tell stories.

Some past shorts are on this site and below are links to our features, site and short film series at Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn.

Feel free to contact me here.

"Dipso" - Fandor
"Move" - Coming soon!
"The Chosen One" - Amazon Instant
"On Point" - Tribeca Reframe, Indiemondo, Amazon Instant
"Projections" at Nitehawk Cinema (FREE Submissions)

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