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It’s not often that you meet individuals who are truly original and trying to make a difference in the lives of student-athletes. We are these such people.

We have teamed up to create a ground-breaking television show called ‘The Platform’. What makes this show so unique is their dedication to assist the under-exposed athlete, and not necessarily devote their time covering those highly rated (or well known) athletes that the mainstream media already focuses most of their attention on during the recruiting process.

The other unique aspect is our concept to assist parents by providing them with relevant academic and scholarship information to help their children succeed in the classroom, in the recruiting process, and in life. The Platform will also showcase various student-athletes, their accomplishments, and be your trusted source for all of the latest happenings around South Florida youth and high school athletic events.

Each week, you can count on the show’s hosts and their guests to provide viewers with valuable topics and candid conversation.
The Platform airs every Wednesdays at 8:00 PM via live-stream computer.

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