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Drummer, Percussionist, Pianist, Vocalist, Composer, Kristian Regel (theREGEL) was bourn and raised in a small town in Denmark named Middelfart.
He started playing the drums at the age of only three years old and has played the drums as main instrument ever since.
Kristian has been part of many smaller and bigger projects of different kind and genres of music despite of his young age.
He has among other things participated in several musicals both as conducter, drummer/percussionist, pianist and composer.
He played as drummer and percussionist in the genres Hip/Hop, Jazz/Bigband, Salsa, Funk, straight rock, Progressive Metal, and his main genre today; Hard/grunge-rock.

Today theREGEL is the Drummer, back vocalist and part-composer in the Danish band, Three Inc..

You can listen to the music at or
-You can also purchase the single, Playground, from their latest EP on iTunes.

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