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  1. SAIC Orientation

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    Welcome new SAIC students! For more information about Fall 2012 Orientation, visit saic.edu/orientation

  2. SAIC's Career and Co-op Center

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    The Career + Co-op Center at SAIC offers advising, internships, workshops, and access to professional networks and opportunities. To learn more, visit saic.edu/careers.

  3. SAIC Press Room

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  4. SAIC Performance

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  5. About SAIC

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    A channel devoted to SAIC's history, curriculum, location, and more.

  6. SAIC International Affairs

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    Information about SAIC's International Affairs which provides advising, advocacy, and resources in support of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s (SAIC) international education…

  7. SAIC Alumni

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    SAIC alumni events, interviews, exhibitions, and more!

  8. SAIC Visiting Artists and Lecturers

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    SAIC welcomes a variety of visiting artists and lecturers in order to educate and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of art through discourse.

  9. SAIC Instant

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    Instant videos from SAIC events, exhibitions, art sales, and more.

  10. SAIC Fashion

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    The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Department of Fashion Design is internationally recognized for its unique interdisciplinary program within a fine arts foundation.

  11. SAIC Conversations

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    The School of the Art Institute (SAIC) sits down with undergraduate and graduate students to discuss their work, their experience at SAIC, and their words of wisdom for incoming students.

  12. SAIC Film, Video, New Media, and Animation

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