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Iris Barbee Bonner uses music, color, fashion, lust, love and her deepest inner emotions as her muse. Her artwork is always bold and inspired by how she feels on any given day. Iris can and will paint on anything, giant canvas, clothing, shoes, furniture, and even people. She is locally coined as the girl with the big hair and even bigger personality that loves bright colors and pink lips. Iris has created her very own artistic language. Her use of bold colors and patterns and provocative women make Iris stand out amongst any other artist today. Her most popular designs are her hand painted, sky-high platform Barbeebootz and her "Goal Digger" girl. Iris created this "girl" to be the opposite of her soft-spoken, shy persona. Instead she is carefree, brave and unafraid of expressing her true inner self, feelings and desires. Iris describes her artwork as uplifting and inspiring for women to be sexy, strong, beautiful, and comfortable with her femininity and power.

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