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Hey I'm Nora. I'm 21 years old and I live on the East Coast. Yes, I'm a girl, but I'm more of a tomboy type then the "OMG Megan We SO Have To Go To The Mall! For That 30% Off Sale At A&F!" type. I'm into Animals & Nature along with photography (Digital & Film), Writing/Journalism/Poetry, Singing in the shower :), Drawing, Camping, Swimming, Baseball(BOSTON RED SOX!)&Softball, Football(New England Patriots!), Making music videos of my own, Sleeping, Being weird and Loves to make people laugh.
I would write more but their probably wouldn't be enough room.

Music and Movies are a BIG part of my life.
»I love all kinds of music from Hip-Hop to Jazz/Pop to Heavy Metal/Rock to Alternative. The only stuff I don't like so much is the old country stuff and the heavy metal stuff that just has constant random screaming throughout the whole song.
»Movies are in my life 24/7. I like Comedy, Horror/Scary, Thriller, Action/Adventure, Mystery, Documentaries, a little Sci-Fi but I absolutely HATE chick flix! And yes, I do like those old Disney Classics!

Yeah, er, message me if you want to talk er something.



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