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The Trailblazery is a dynamic platform showcasing and promoting creative and socially engaged ideas, people and possibilities alive in Ireland right now. We design curious experiences, spoken word events, live performances and interventions that connect a diverse range of participants, all blazing a trail in their own spectacular or intimate way. We invite people to share their personal moments of risk and inspiration and showcase some of Ireland’s pioneers in art, music and

We need a population that is willing to rock the boat, stand up and be
non-compliant with the status quo. Trailblaze presents what is
possible when individuals stop asking for permission and step into
making their own dreams and ambitions a reality. We are inspired by
the collective and collaborative potential of a community of we.

1. to blaze a trail through (a forest, wilderness, or the like) for others to
2. to be a pioneer in (a particular subject, technique, etc.).


  1. Change Nation
  2. The School of Life
  3. Gavin Sitric FitzGerald