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Waco, Texas

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Aaron and Amanda have both been singing since they were kids, but didn't meet until college in 2001. They immediately began singing and performing together and got married in 2003 and began writing and traveling with their music.
Aaron had been writing and performing for several years before they met with multiple bands and writing and performing solo. They have traveled all over the united states and countries such as Belarus, Vienna, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Morocco and England.
They have a daughter and a son that both love music as well and are learning the family trade.

They sing a range of Americana /folk and storytelling drawing influence from artists like The Civil Wars, David Wilcox, Bruce Cockburn, Mark Cohn, Mumford and Sons, Allison Krauss and others.
Aaron and Amanda not only write and perform mainstream folk/singer songwriter music but also lead worship and travel leading worship for churches,camps and retreat events.

All of the songs they write are inspired by the journey that they feel God has placed them on, the people they meet and the relationships they have made on the way.

-"Our hope is that in our songs whether they are sung inside the walls of a church building or the walls of a hole in the wall coffee shop, that they will ring true and resonate with someones heart. Maybe we can put to music what someone has been trying to say but could not find the words. We want to tell the stories of life as it spins by, the victories and dismays that are common to all of us. And maybe, bring some light into a dark room of someones heart."


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