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  1. Matchmoving - VFX

    by David Off

    212 Videos / 779 Followers

    about visual effects.

  2. Sermons

    by The Village Church

    46 Videos / 9 Followers

    We want to remind our members, attendees and podcasters that this technology is intended as a supplement rather than a substitute to the weekly gathering of the saints in a worship service. There…

  3. Stories of Life Change

    by The Village Church

    40 Videos / 1 Follower

    Life change is at the heart of The Village. The gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful enough to produce it in all of our lives. Each time we see and hear about it, we celebrate and praise our Lord.

  4. Ministry at The Village

    by The Village Church

    22 Videos / 1 Follower

  5. Music at The Village

    by The Village Church

    16 Videos / 1 Follower

  6. Sermon Intros

    by The Village Church

    15 Videos / 1 Follower

  7. Flower Mound Expansion

    by The Village Church

    10 Videos / 1 Follower

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