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My name is Thiago Parizi Carvalho, I am a Brazilian multimedia artist, I was born in São Paulo and nowadays I live in Warsaw, Poland. I have a BFA in “Fine Arts” from the University Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, Brazil; I also have a Post-Graduation diploma in “Illustration” from the University Abat Oliba CEU (IDEP), Spain; and currently I’m writing my MFA thesis in “Visual Arts & Education” at University of Barcelona, Spain.

I have worked with art since 2005 and took part in over 30 international exhibitions. Also I’m a co-founder, along with Fernando Visockis, of the sound art partnership PirarucuDuo [2009] and, with Matheus Parizi, of the video producing company Antítese [2011].

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