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Winter Springs, FL

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Like many of us, I have been creating art (of sorts) since early childhood, but my love of animation was sparked when I saw the video "Money for Nothing" on MTV. Even though the animation was primitive, compared to current standards, I was immediately intrigued by this "new style." Years later, I attended Full Sail University and received my Associates of Science in Computer Animation degree.

After graduation, I worked full-time for three years at MG Studios, creating animation for a children's program. During this time, I also worked on my own line of artwork, which was inspired by traditional Japanese mythology and art, but is more whimsical, and futuristic/Steampunk in style. I've enjoyed featuring and selling my artwork at several events.

I have also worked with Shocker Toys which is based in Buffalo, N.Y., developing a 3-D version of their toy, the “Shockini”. Next, I worked with Mihn Kieu Architectural Design's architects to model various buildings from AutoCAD blueprints for multiple business presentations. I'm also the owner of Agi Agi Studios, where I have Modeled 3-D versions of several toys for rapid prototyping using character sheets.

Deciding to build upon my education, I attended Full Sail University to earn my bachelor's degree. Currently I am focused on obtaining a position of Maya character artist, using my abilities to assist in creating a believable, three-dimensional world.

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