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Independently owned and operated since 1992. We are a 50/50 profit share based in Chicago.

We put out records by Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, Trans Am, Wooden Shjips, OOIOO, Black Pus, Oozing Wound, The Soft Pink Truth, Glenn Jones, Alexander Tucker, A Minor Forest, Man Forever, The Skull Defekts, Jon Porras, Koen Holtkamp, Golden Retriever, Thalia Zedek, D. Charles Speer & the Helix, Pontiak, Guardian Alien, Jan St. Werner, The Black Twig Pickers, Imbogodom, The Body, Sidi Touré, Plankton Wat, Dustin Wong, White Hills, Mountains, kandodo, Grumbling Fur, People of the North, Brokeback, Date Palms, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Peals, Survival, Brother JT, Oval, Zomes, John Parish, Golden Void, Double Dagger, Dan Friel, Matmos, Boredoms, The Fiery Furnaces, Tom Verlaine, Freakwater, ADULT., Lonesome Organist, Radian, Jason Urick, Mouse on Mars, Sam Prekop, Archer Prewitt, Jeff Parker, Califone, Chicago Underground, Fred Anderson, Bobby Conn, National Trust, Catherine Irwin, Janet Bean and the Concertina Wire, Isotope 217, Coil Sea, Jimmy Martin, Sticks and Stones, Nobukazu Takemura, Lazer Crystal, Town & Country, High Places, Eleventh Dream Day, Dolomite, Gaunt, Pit er Pat, Arbouretum, Angela Desveaux, and many more

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