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Tim Dickinson is a video artist based in Plymouth, UK.

Following an experience at an early age with a television screen and a space time machine, Tim has always had a fascination with moving image production. In 2000 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in MediaLab Arts at the University of Plymouth and during this time, researched the effects of ‘new media’ on human behaviour as well as the role of graphic design in moving image.

As part of his continuing practice, Tim has worked in collaboration with a number of other practitioners, and has been involved with a wide range events at a variety of institutions. These include:

- Audio/video/live performance. 'Testing Grounds' Permanent Gallery, Brighton, Jan 2010.
- Cafe concrete CD distribution, and DVD coverage in 'The Wire' magazine, 2010.
- performance at Annabels Comedy Club as part of the ‘PL:ay festival’ in Plymouth
- educational workshops in partnership with Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery,
- ‘Put away those childish things’ exhibition of work at the Viewpoint gallery Plymouth.
- ‘Then Again’ exhibition at the Viewpoint Gallery Plymouth.
- ‘Café Concrete Plymouth City Project’ at Plymouth Arts Centre (supported by ArtsMatrix and Plymouth Arts Centre.)
- ‘Vox Box’ at University of Plymouth

Previously Tim worked as a freelance video/web designer, working on a variety of projects from small commercial video work, to corporate branding for clients around the world.

Tim has spent the last 8 years teaching at Plymouth College of Art on a variety of further and higher education courses and gained his postgraduate certificate of education in 2005, and is currently course leader for a level 3 national diploma in Media Production.

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