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A 1983 Art School graduate and 1987 National Theater Academy postgraduate, I'm an independent writer/producer and visionary artist. More at Facebook.com/timeship


  1. Listone Mag
  2. Hermannhuppen.com
  3. Palle Schmidt
  4. Harry Duksch
  5. ZillionArts & MTwister
  6. Simon Harrison
  7. androids
  8. Kilian  Eng
  9. David REVOY
  10. Tamajii Inc
  11. Anthony Francisco Schepperd
  12. AnimationSamurai
  13. Cartoon Smart
  14. Rodrigo Blaas

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  1. Timeship commented on Le caïd
    Outstanding work, as always. Bravo!
  2. Really like it! Godspeed!