Tim Van den Broeck

Antwerp, Belgium

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Hello, I'm Tim. I'm an illustrator, designer and distant cousin of Cookie Monster.

From my cosy studio in Antwerp I'm very lucky to design for many marvelous clients, both national and international. While I work for agencies, companies and brands, I believe that the people behind every project are vital. Beyond the creation of kick-ass work, I aim to provide a smooth and comfortable ride for all.

A former art director, I grew up surrounded by strong ideas, brands, briefings and clients. And, of course, a whole bunch of wonderful and talented people, who sometimes shared their professional secrets with me.
Several years after, I fell in love with illustration and we escaped together, inspiring a personal and professional quest for expression, wisdom, growth and yummy desserts (quests make you hungry).

My style is a fresh blend of chunky shapes, crisp geometry and sleek lines, soaked in tasty colours and patterns. When no one is looking, I like to sneak in tiny ideas and funny characters to make it extra frisky.

When I'm not playing around in my studio, I love to make a mess in the kitchen, make silly gestures when talking and take my invisible cat for a walk.

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