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Tina Frank is a »visual artist« – her name is internationally known as a synonym for experimental design as well as visualisations of music/for music.
Her roots are in cover designs for electronic music label Mego during the mid 1990's when she also started to work with digital realtime-visualisation, video & multimedia. Taschen Books listed Tina Frank in their book Graphic Design for the 21st Century among the top 100 graphic designers worldwide. 
Performances and contributions to exhibitions, such as Ars Electronica, Linz; Centre Pompidou, Paris; or ICC, Tokyo, and many interviews in magazines are evidence of Tina Frank’s activities as a design and video artist.
The video chronomops received first prize in 2006 at »diagonale 06« for best innovative, experimental-, animation- or shortfilm 2005/2006.

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